50 Acre Weedery Opening for Weed Tastings – Rocky Mountain High


50 Acre Weedery Opening for Weed TastingsROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH As a native Long Islander one of my favorite things to do is to drive out to the North Fork and tour a couple of wineries. Trying out different vineyards and having fun with my friends is so relaxing and fun. Well, Colorado has the same idea…only not with vino, but with cannabis. Scheduled to open in 2016, American Cannabis partners CEO Christian Hageseth feels the time is right to open up a weedery on a 50-acre site in Denver with incredible views of the Rocky Mountains.

According to http://www.inverse.com the weedery experience will be similar to going to the Napa Valley. The goal is to make the weedery a destination…a place to take a tour and learn about the process and care of growing marijuana. There will be an on-site dispensary where visitors can purchase their variety of choice. There will of course be a restaurant, bar and live music performances at the outdoor amphitheater. As of now, there will be no tastings because state law does not permit this. I am sure with time this will change as the popularity of the weedery model increases.

Hageseth wants to change the stereotype of the marijuana user. Attention to awareness and educating the public is the focus of the ranch. Agricultural job training and horticultural techniques will also be of key interest. “…Marijuana is a beautiful flower that grows on every continent. There are as many varieties of cannabis as there are of roses. If you can appreciate that a red rose is like super lemon haze and a yellow rose is like sour diesel, then you can begin to appreciate the subtle differences between each plant. The way they look, the way they smell, eventually when you smoke, what do they taste like, what’s the high like?”

It’s Colorado rocky mountain high

I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky

Friends around the campfire and everybody’s high

Rocky mountain high

Colorado is not the only weedery destination. Portland Oregon, Washington State and California all have similar models but without the bars, restaurants and theatres. In the Downtown area of Portland, The “Oregon Weedery” is the perfect spot to purchase edibles, concentrates and flowers. The OW takes special orders as well. In Washington State, check out Walla Walla Weedery. They pride themselves with the best prices and quality products. I am sure within time cannabis ranches will become vacation destinations for us all…. maybe there will offer yoga and pilates classes too!? Namaste, y’all!

💚 2 B Hi

Gummy Bears and Video Weed


Just when you think you have heard of every new cannabis associated business, there’s a new one coming right around the corner, this one coming right into your very own living room. Video Weed and Gummy Bears! 

SpeedWeed has been around since 2011 when California first started their Marijuana regulations.  California was and still is a state in which only medicinal use of marijuana is allowed, but only with a doctor’s “recommendation”, not a true prescription.  The guidelines, rules and regulations have continued to evolve and so has the business of SpeedWeed.

Originally a manufacturer of marijuana –infused gummy bears with 60 dispensaries, SpeedWeed expanded and began driving all over Los Angeles to deliver their products to their customers.  They grew from one delivery truck to now fifty drivers and have effectively cut out the middle man.  Citing convenience and the desire for anonymity, this service fills a real need.  “A soccer mom isn’t going to pull her minivan into a pot dispensary” say A.J. Gentile, owner with his wife and brother of SpeedWeed.

Now, they have unleashed a new service to their customers: video conferencing or “telemedicine appointments”! Through their app, potential patients can schedule and have an appointment with a doctor via teleconference and obtain a ‘recommendation’ from that doctor immediately for medicinal marijuana.  And once a patient gets that ‘recommendation’ they then become eligible to buy medical cannabis.  And guess what? They can then immediately order their product with SpeedWeed.  Just like that!

So sit back on your sofa, see the doctor, order your weed and munch on those gummy bears!

USPS Delivers a “NO” To Marijuana


Even though the sales of medicinal and recreational marijuana are legal in some states, the United States Postal Service issued a memo last week to the newspapers in the Northwest “reminding” them that they may be violating federal law.  The memo refers to the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA) which states the an “ad in any publication with the purpose of seeking or offering illegally to receive, buy or distribute a Schedule 1 controlled substance” violates federal law.  Although these states have legalized pot, marijuana is still illegal at the federal level.  The Oregon Bulletin reported that “If the postal service, which delivers newspapers for some subscribers, refused to deliver papers with marijuana ads in them, then it could have a potential chilling effect on news outlets” and have them scrambling to find new sources of revenue.

Although the reason for this memo is unclear, it certainly put publishers on edge.  Since the explosion of marijuana retailers and other supporting and adjunct businesses, news publications have seen a huge increase in advertisements for marijuana products and services.  This highly competitive market has and continues to support revenues for hundreds of news and other publications.  Although a lot of weekly papers have already chosen not to run any marijuana advertising, its is unclear what if any impact this “warning” would have on newspapers that do.  The Long Beach, Washington postmaster indicated that it “was not a directive”.

Oregon democrats Senator Ron Wyden and Representative Earl Blumenauer who are both marijuana legalization supporters, have asked the U.S. Postal service for clarification.  Do the hundreds of weekly publications have to stop advertising cannabis good and services immediately?  Can the USPS seize all the existing newspapers that contain ALL marijuana related advertising?  Who will be in charge of deciding what cannabis advertising falls under the Controlled Substances Act, as some advertising may not be illegal under this same federal Act?  How will this “memo” be enforced.

We await further interpretation and instructions. In the meantime Marijuana is not going “postal”.