3D PRINTING TAKES SMOKING A BOWL TO A NEW DIMENSION In the old days we used to fashion a pipe or a bong out of apples, melons and potatoes.  My how times have changed.  Two brothers have started making pipe sculptures using 3D technology while studying for degrees in the Arts at the University of Washington.

Saul and Al Jacobs have created Printabowl which is a company that uses a computer generated 3D model that creates a physical object through some sort of sequential layering of matter.  Their intention is to create “functional sculptures….that are made to enhance the space we inhabit, not to be tucked away in a cabinet or in a shoebox under your bed”.  Their unconventional production method includes models that are initially printed as molds and are then filled with ceramic material which is eventually glazed and kiln fired.

The Cumulo Collection has just been released and it consists of three different designs starting at $300 a piece.  They like to refer to these sculptures as elevation instruments and are guided by the concept that “complex forms necessitate uncomplicated texture and vice versa”.

Intrigued by form and function and influenced by ceramics, magnetic forces and semiprecious stones, these two young brothers, 24 and 26 years old, have given conventional production techniques a run for their money.  Whether you see their water pipes as pieces of fine art or merely another way to inhale your cannabis, the brothers have inserted their appreciation for design and technology into Washington state’s cannabis business in a three dimensional way.

$1 Billion and Counting

Although California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana, they are missing out on a lot of tax revenue.  In the November 2016 election, if they legalize recreational cannabis for adults over the age of 21, California could earn somewhere in the neighborhood of over $1 Billion in tax money (according to Department of Finance director Michael Cohen). I started to think about how far $1 Billion dollars would go. Instead of money going to the drug dealers, lets start thinking about how states can actually help themselves and improve the lives of their taxpaying citizens. Besides the obvious of paying down the deficit, here are just a few areas that can stand some improvement in California, and certainly in my home state of New York.


  • Schools

    • Isn’t it time we start thinking about our future generation? Let’s use some of that weed money to help pay our educators and make sure schools have updated technology for our kids to learn and explore.
  • Healthcare
    • There are so many self-employed people who have to pay for their own insurance. They are taking on higher deductibles so that their monthly expenses are at a comfortable level. Let’s use some of the cannabis cash to help both uninsured and insured people who need help with their healthcare bills.
  • Homeless
    • LA accounts for the nations highest homeless population. NYC is close behind. Revenue from legalized pot can help find a warm place to live for a lot of people who are currently living on the street. Jobs should be available to those who want and can work. A lot of homeless are veterans. We owe it to the men and women of our military to help with jobs and homes.
  • Road repair
    • I can’t drive anywhere in New York without feeling like I am driving on craters on the moon! Our bridges are old and in serious need of repair and/or replacement. Our airports need improved runways. Governor Cuomo recently held a news conference about connecting Long Island to Connecticut with a tunnel…finally…. I’m certain the increased funds from legalized cannabis can help the cause.
  • Job opportunities
    • In a recent Huffington Post article, they reported that the state of Washington “sold more than 22,000 pounds of marijuana and 700,000 marijuana-infused edible products, including both solids and liquids. Meanwhile, state cultivators harvested nearly 60,000 pounds of marijuana flower. The state has approved more than 6 million square feet of plant canopy to produce marijuana to date, according to data HuffPost received from Brian Smith, the communications director for the state Liquor Control Board.” Well, it’s obvious to me that plenty of jobs in both horticulture and the sales and distribution fields can be made available if legalization comes to Cali and NY.

Here are some interesting demographic statistics from www.cheetsheet.com about California and New York:


  • Population ages 25 and older: 24.78 million
  • Number of marijuana users: 1.67 million
  • State’s portion of the marijuana market: 15.84%
  • Marijuana market size: $2.2 billion

New York

  • Population ages 25 and older: 13.31 million
  • Number of marijuana users: 795,924
  • State’s portion of the marijuana market: 7.55%
  • Marijuana market size: approximately $1 billion

Just think of all the ways we could use the extra tax money from legalizing cannabis. Listen carefully to the men and women who are trying to win your vote in 2016. Vote carefully and make sure you know all the facts!

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