HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: The police post all over the comment sections in popular cannabis websites and pose as either dispensaries who will ship discreetly or as growers who are willing to ship, in order to entrap buyers who should instead be purchasing at a licensed pot shop. Once someone starts to go down this path by responding to these posts, they are in the sights of the police and have the potential of being arrested.

The police in Colorado are even creating fake Facebook pages that have photos and back stories about their ‘invisible’ grows in order to get marijuana users in trouble. Craigslist is also be utilized to attract buyers. A Colorado man was busted in this very way for trying to purchase 36 pounds of pot from a ‘fake’ dispensary.  The goal in these instances is to make sure that people use only the legal methods that have been put in place to purchase their cannabis.

Perhaps this is entrapment but to date, it has not been challenged successfully becauseThe police have been able to gather enough evidence to show that the suspect had a predisposition for selling drugs.  Plea deals are also common in these instances.

It’s a funny twist to the story of marijuana legalization.  The police need to continue to be creative in order to catch those who still refuse to go the legal route when buying their cannabis.

Pleasing Your Palate with Weed












Pleasing Your Palate with Weed Cannabis has taken foodies in new directions… and we love it.

I’ve been reading a lot about the cannabis herb craze and where to go for and cook my own gourmet cuisine. I hope to share some of my findings with you here. Please read on while eating your brownies…. with milk of course!

For those of us who like to be creative in the kitchen, I suggest checking out Payton Curry, a Scottsdale, Arizona chef and YouTube sensation. I love that he greets his followers with, “Welcome back Buds.” His website is by far the most comprehensive compilation of how to cook with weed recipes. He has been teaching medical marijuana cooking for years and was quoted in Newsweek’s Special “Weed 2016” issue as saying, “ I look at cannabis more as a vegetable than medicine.” He offers home demonstrations and dinner parties where guests learn about different strains and their effect on the body.

Now who doesn’t like their sweets? Next time you are in Boulder, Colorado, you must visit Sweet Mary Jane Bakery. Karin Lazarus in the owner and has been baking way before Colorado passed legalization of bud. Newsweek writes that Lazarus found that by utilizing cannabis her deserts were better that ever. Her creations have names such as The Boss, True Confections and the Key Lime Kicker Truffle. Lazarus has gotten tremendous feedback from her customers stating that her baked goods have helped them with their medical conditions such as epilepsy and arthritis. Lazarus is quoted, “The passion now is taking care of these people”.  To try exotic cannabis baking at home, check out her cookbook, “Sweet Mary Jane: 75 Delicious Cannabis-Infused High-end Desserts”

Next, lets talk about snacking. Who doesn’t need a little snack around 3PM?  After doing some research on Oregon and all the foodies in Portland I stumbled upon Laurie Wolf, a CIA graduate originally from the NY area. She is the queen of edibles using medical marijuana.  Her website is full of “medibles”. Her sweet and savory products are sold in dispensaries and online. From brownies to nut mixes to peanut butter she is a one-stop shop for herb infused cuisine that will “give comfort to whatever ails you.”

Well, there you have it…. a chef, a baker and a quick snack for on the go! My stomach is elated and I hope you are too!


Girls Scout Cookies & Marijuana

Photo Credit NYDailyNews

Photo Credit NYDailyNews

What do Girl Scouts and marijuana have in common? It’s Girl Scout cookie season yet once again!  You may have noticed the colorful boxes and adorable young representatives stationed out side of your favorite supermarkets selling their wares.  If you happen to be shopping in southeast Portland recently, you may have noticed these Girl Scouts too, but that would have been outside of Foster Buds Medical and Recreational Marijuana Dispensary!

A young entrepreneur and her aunt set up shop outside this dispensary even though grocery stores are the typical selling spots. Foster Bud’s Facebook page said that they were proud to have the Girl Scouts selling outside of their shop.  Apparently a Girl Scout sold more than two hundred boxes last year in San Francisco within a matter of hours. A record by anyone’s standards.

A spokesperson, Sarah Miller, said that this is rare and that the Southwest and Oregon Girl Scouts recommendation is that they should not sell cookies in front of a premises into which a minor cannot enter.   Ken Martin, the manager of Foster Bud’s said that minors are in fact allowed in the lobby of the dispensary but not on the showroom floor.

You may also be surprised to know that the Girl Scout Cookie strain of cannabis has won many Cannabis Cup awards.   It typically helps patients with severe pain, nausea and appetite loss.   There is even a strain called Thin Mint named after the wildly popular and most sold Girl Scout Cookie.

Didn’t know I would like scouting so much! Go Girl Scouts!

Ref: NYDailyNews