The Sweeping Change Towards Embracing the Benefits of Marijuana Pennsylvania Joins 23 Others States and the District of Columbia to Legalize Medical Marijuana

In a move, which echoes the national sentiment toward the legalization of marijuana and a shifting attitude toward its acceptance, Pennsylvania has joined 23 other states and the District of Columbia in legalizing medical marijuana. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed SB 3 into law on April 17, 2016 in front of a large and celebratory crowd who came to witness the momentous occasion. The bill will take effect on May 17, 2016 and authorizes the Department of Health to regulate 25 processors/growers and 50 dispensaries, each of which may have up to three locations.

SB 3 comes about after a long and arduous process, which almost saw the bill’s demise in 2015. Though SB 3 had passed the Pennsylvania Senate in May 2015, the Chairman of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Matt Baker, expressed at the time that he did not intend to bring the bill up for a vote. Baker reasoned that Pennsylvania should not sanction a drug that has not been endorsed by the FDA. However, through the efforts of advocates, which include Governor Tom Wolf and Senator Mike Folmer, now dubbed “Marijuana Mike,” the bill continued onward and has ushered Pennsylvania into the ranks of states which have recognized the benefits of marijuana. For Pennsylvania politicians, the bill represents not only a step in the right direction with respect to Marijuana legislation, but also the potential for Republicans and Democrats to come together for an important cause.

Pennsylvania’s cannabis confirmation is yet another sign of the sweeping change toward understanding and embracing the benefits of marijuana as a multi-faceted means of treating various ills. We can only anticipate other states to follow suit in the near future.




IS KUSH KOSHER FOR PASSOVER? If, after the required four glasses of wine at your Passover Seder, you are so inclined to “light up”,

Then you may be asking yourself “Is Kush kosher for Passover”?  The simple response is “yes” and “no”.

As the Passover tradition goes, you are forbidden to eat grains, seeds and legumes.  And if you are an Ashkenazi Jew, then it also includes rice, corn and soy beans or anything that looks like grains.  This dates back to how these items were stored and their potential for intermingling.   Sephardic Jews are allowed to eat the latter.  So, technically Ashkenazi Jews may be SOL during Passover while their neighboring Jews will be enjoying the holiday a little bit more.

The question comes down to whether or not hemp, the sister or cousin to marijuana, is a legume and therefore is banned during Passover.  One can argue that we actually smoke the leaves and not the seeds, but just to be safe, ask your local rabbi.  Smoking itself is in general against the command not to desecrate the body so it follows that cannabis is a logical extension.  But many rabbis believe in the medicinal benefits and agree that the benefits outweigh the pain some patients experience.

One is also not supposed to start a fire on the holidays.  You can see how that might create some difficulties for those blunts.  However, you can transfer fire from an already burning candle and such.

Unlike other products that are marked with the words

“kosher for Passover” cannabis cigarettes do not distinguish.  Even the Israeli cigarette company Dubeck display yellow labels indicating special rabbinical confirmation that they are free of chametz (grains that are forbidden for Passover).  And although the New York rabbis see a path for kosher edibles, as of now, they believe that they may come into contact with foods not kosher for Passover during their processing and are therefore NOT kosher for Passover or otherwise unless clearly marked.

No matter how you choose to celebrate your “high holidays”, enjoy them with friends and family.


TORONTO - APRIL 20: A marijuana activist dancing on live music during the annual marijuana 420 event at Yonge & Dundas Square on April 20 2012 in Toronto, Canada.


Despite the boom in the cannabis industry and its exposure in social media and publications, people still do not correlate the number 420 with weed.

As legend has it, in 1971 five classmates from San Rafael High School met at the Louis Pasteur statue on school grounds at 4:20pm so that they could go out to the Point Reyes Peninsula in search of a hidden crop of cannabis that they had heard about.  420 became their code for their meeting time.  Other parts of the story say that they were nicknamed ‘Waldos’ because they met at a wall outside of school to smoke pot.  So goes the tale that gave birth to the huge significance that the number 420 brings to marijuana!!!

As if stoners need something else to celebrate, April 20th has become the day of some of the biggest celebrations of this herb.

Colorado will hold a three-day event which include the Cannabis Cup put on by High Times which is a leading trade show and gathering.  New Delhi, India will be serving holy BHANG to help cleanse your transgressions.  The north African nation of Chefchaouen, Morocco is one of the world’s biggest cultivators of cannabis and they will be serving “farm to finger fatties”.  Cannabis social clubs are more prominent than Starbucks in Barcelona, Spain (also know as the Holland of the South) and they will host their annual Spannabis Expo.  And if Spain is Spannibis, then Vancouver Canada is Vansterdam and they will have cannabis tours as they have recently been on the list of the World’s Top Marijuana Destinations!

The number 420 has gotten so much hype and is so recognized as a synonym with weed that you would be surprised how many times it has been used subliminally or otherwise.  A dude on The Price is Right continues to bid with 420 in mind (see YouTube).  The clocks in Pulp Fiction are all set at 4:20. Did Bob Dylan know in his 1966 song Rainy Day Women #12&35 that 12×35 would equal 420?  Did the founding fathers know that ‘four score’ would hold this greater meaning? 420 mile markers on the roads in both Colorado and Idaho were stolen and had to be replaced with 4.1999 markers. Burritos at Jack in the Box have 420 calories adding to the concept of marketing to stoners.