Is The Solution to Marijuana-Associated Violent Crime in The Apple App Store?

It is no secret that the massive quantities of cash present throughout the legal marijuana industry is one of the biggest problems that legal marijuana businesses face. While the ever-growing bundles of bills demonstrate the industry’s tremendous profitability, they also invite violent crime, a problem which has long plagued the legal marijuana industry. It is this money-made menace that makes the release of PayQwick’s iPhone App, an answer to the currency conundrum, especially exciting and momentous.

As a pioneer in legal marijuana payment processing, PayQwick has been working diligently to alleviate the risk of violent crime throughout the legal marijuana industry by significantly reducing the presence of cash at all stages of the marijuana supply chain – from seed-to-sale. Prior to the release of the PayQwick App, PayQwick’s business-to-business electronic payment platform, bill pay service, and loadable consumer cards made it possible for marijuana businesses to pay and get paid without cash, making transactions easier and safer for both marijuana businesses and consumers. The PayQwick App takes this cashless ease of mind to the next level by allowing consumers to pay for marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia using nothing but their iPhones at participating marijuana retailers.

With the PayQwick App, consumers will no longer have to carry cash to participating retailers. Plus, the won’t need to make sure that they have enough cash on hand to pay for their entire purchase or fork over steep ATM fees to get cash. To pay using the App, consumers simply scan the barcode on their PayQwick App and enter their CVC number and PIN. That’s it! With the PayQwick App, consumers can also transfer money from their verified bank or credit union accounts to their PayQwick accounts with the swipe of a finger by tapping the “Load My Card” button. Finally, when consumers turn on the App’s passcode lock feature, the App prompts them to enter a passcode of their choosing every time they access the App. This secures their PayQwick account even if their iPhones are lost or stolen.

By making it possible to pay for marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia using nothing but an iPhone, consumers don’t have to worry about losing their cash or paying ATM fees and retailers don’t have to worry about losing their cash, and possibly even their lives, to violent crimes.


Savvy Pot Smokers Use Their iPhone to Pay for Weed

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The PayQwick iPhone APP for consumers lets you pay for your pot without using cash or paying in-store ATM fees. Plus, earn valuable Rewards Qwicker points every time you pay with PayQwick.

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WHY BOTHER SMOKING?  I am completely obsessed with edibles!! I used to love to smoke but now with all the fun ways to cook and bake and infuse why bother? In previous blog posts I have mentioned some great chefs that prepare cannabis goodies. Now it seems that it is getting easier to just pick up a product at your dispensary or go online and eat on the go. Here are just a few I recently discovered:

Zoots: Db3, a Devlin family-owned business, is fast becoming “the biggest seller of edible cannabis products in Washington State” according to a recent article. Their THC infused Zoot Drops come in flavors appropriately named Yippe Ki-Yay (with caffeine) and Kickback (with chamomile).  Just stir in a few drops into your favorite drink or drop it straight on your tongue. You have complete control over how many drops you add. DB3 also sells brownies called ZootBites, ZootBlast energy shots and ZootRock lozenges.

Evergreen Herbal has some really cool items. Their brands include the 4.20Bar, Cannabis Quencher, High Tea and LoudVape concentrates. For me there is nothing better than a cup of tea and a piece of chocolate at night. The teas have 10mg THC and don’t forget to buy the High Tea Honey Sticks. What can I say about the chocolate 4.20Bar…so far I have only tried the Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt and it is out of this world!

In an article Julia Wright highlights some great products to try. Here is a quick summary and where to purchase:

Have fun and remember to consume carefully and responsibly.

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